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Always properly connected: C-parts from ENGEL

When it comes to good connections, reliability and quality are the decisive factors. Our C-Parts undergo strict quality control and, thanks to our various Kanban systems, are always reliably available when you need them. Regardless of whether they are DIN and standard parts, special and drawing parts or our own E-Jet brand.

C-Parts from A to Z

Since we started selling fasteners almost 75 years ago, we have been able to continuously expand our product and service portfolio. Today, our range of C-parts is correspondingly broad and deep, as is our partner network, with which we ensure our ability to deliver.

In addition to the classic DIN and standard parts, we offer a variety of items specifically for wood construction as well as our own E-Jet brand. Do you have individual and very specific requirements? Our experts will be happy to advise you – on special and drawing parts or on your C-parts management and the right Kanban system for you!

Our DIN and Standard Parts

Our special and drawing parts

Variety in production: from cold-formed to stamped parts.

Our range includes:

  • Cold-formed parts: Ideal for large series, produced on multi-stage presses, with material hardening and preservation of the fiber flow.
  • Hot-formed parts: Perfect for complicated geometries and larger diameters, with material heating and coarse surface structure.
  • Turning and Milling parts: Suitable for all machinable materials, ideal for fine tolerances and complicated shapes.
  • Stampings and Bent Wire parts: Various locking elements and springs, manufactured by cutting and bending.

Additional services and post-treatments
We also offer the joining of different materials, comprehensive surface treatments, assembly and customized packaging solutions.

Our Quality Promise

Our success is based on the skills and commitment of our employees, our reliable and efficient processes, high-quality and safe C-parts, and our broad network of reliable partners.

To continue providing our customers the same high quality in the future, we consistently work according to clearly defined principles:

  • We maintain our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are constantly developing it further.
  • We organize our procurement and warehousing efficiently to ensure our ability to deliver C-parts at all times.
  • We constantly train and educate our employees.
  • We promote quality awareness and sustainable practices internally and encourage our employees to act responsibly and service-oriented.
  • We employ qualified sales staff who not only have a good knowledge in the field of C-parts and Kanban systems, but also show an understanding of the problems and wishes of our customers.
  • We maintain a modern IT and communication system that provides our customers with exactly the information they need to solve their requirements.

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