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Customized solutions

for your specific requirements.

We procure an extensive range of products worldwide, including screws, nuts, threaded rods, washers, pins, split pins, rivets, dowels and innovative bonding and securing technologies. In cases where standard solutions are not sufficient, our special and drawing parts department develops customized fasteners that meet your individual specifications exactly. From sample orders to large-scale production, ENGEL fulfills your requirements in terms of function and quality with precision.

ENGEL’s expertise and success are reflected in the realization of an above-average share of sales with special and drawing parts. Our technical team offers you comprehensive advice, from the development phase through to the optimization of your individual solutions.

We attach great importance to competent advice, technical drawing preparation and compliance with regulations and required documentation. Together with you, we develop technically optimized and economically efficient solutions. Our global procurement and internal and external quality tests guarantee the highest product quality.

Contact ENGEL: Contact our c-parts-specialists directly:: kontakt@engel-verbindet.de

Variety in production: from cold-formed to stamped parts

Our range includes:

Cold-formed parts

Cold-formed parts are ideal for high-volume production runs. They can be manufactured from all malleable materials and have a diameter range from 1 to 36 mm. They are manufactured from wire coils on two or multi-stage presses.

Your advantages

  • We always seek the most cost-effective manufacturing method for you.
  • The material hardens during production.
  • The fiber structure of the material is preserved.
  • The result is a smooth surface.
  • Our cold-formed parts can be mechanically reworked, heat-treated or surface-coated.

Hot-formed parts

Hot-formed parts are particularly recommended for prototypes or small series. They are used for large diameters (over 36 mm) and have a coarse surface structure – the tolerances here are correspondingly large.

Your advantages

  • Even complicated geometries can be realized with hot-formed parts.
  • The material is heated to forging temperature and does not solidify during production.
  • Our hot-formed parts are mechanically reworked, heat-treated and surface-coated.

Turning and milling parts

We offer your turning and milling parts in both small and large series. The workpieces are manufactured by machining – in all machinable materials.

  • Fine tolerances, sharp edges and complicated geometries can be achieved with turning and milling parts.
  • Other forms of machining include drilling, grinding and fine machining.
  • Our turning and milling parts can be heat-treated and surface-coated.

Stampings and bent wire parts

Typical stamped and bent wire parts are shims, securing elements, clamps, brackets or springs made of strip steel, spring steel or wire. However, we can also supply complex fine blanking and bending parts.

  • The shapes are punched using cutting punches; the wire is bent or coiled.
  • Our stamped and bent wire parts can be surface-coated.

Additional services

In order to provide our customers with optimum support, we have a wide range of additional services in our portfolio in addition to C-parts for joining a wide variety of parts and materials.

  • All surface coatings
  • Surface treatments such as hardening and nitriding
  • safety coatings
  • lacquering
  • Sorting
  • Labeling according to customer requirements
  • packaging
  • Customized packaging

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