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E-JET® Screws by ENGEL.

Our own Brand for Wood Construction.

E-JET® Screws by ENGEL – In wood construction, it is not only reliable and durable connections that matter – it is also important that the screws are good and easy to handle. Additionally, the quick availability of products through the right Kanban system is essential. With our own E-JET® brand, we have significantly expanded our C-Parts assortment and developed a unique product series that fully meets these essential characteristics.

ENGEL is firmly connected to wood construction.

Softwoods such as spruce, fir and pine, as well as hardwoods such as oak and beech, are used in wood construction. These woods must be securely connected – often under challenging conditions. Wood screws are therefore available in a wide variety of designs. Regardless of the specific purpose for which they are intended, they should always meet the following criteria:

  • Screws for wood construction must bite quickly and cause minimal splitting of the material
  • As recharging or replacing a cordless screwdriver always takes time, it is best if the screws can be driven in with minimal force – saving battery power.
  • The head of the screw must be able to be countersunk flat into the wood and the joint should be as tight and joint-free as possible at the end.

At ENGEL, we understand the specific requirements in wood construction and have designed screws for our customers that meet their needs perfectly: our E-JET® Wood Construction Screw and our E-JET® X Wood Construction Screw.

Our E-JET® Wood Construction Screw.

We offer the E-JET® Wood Construction Screw specifically for wood construction: a versatile solution that has already proven itself in many projects and can be used to achieve precise results quickly:

  • The countersunk head of the E-JET® Wood Screw enables flush and breakout-free sinking into the material.
  • Thanks to the new Jetta® bit, the E-JET® Wood Screw can be securely screwed in with one hand without wobbling – even under challenging conditions. And because we aim to provide our customers with the best possible support, we supply the Jetta® bit with every corresponding E-JET® packaging unit.
  • The friction shaft of the E-JET® Wood Screw reduces the amount of force required when screwing in.
  • The convex spiral thread also reduces resistance when screwing in; the material splinters and bursts significantly less.
  • The E-JET® Wood Screw features a Cut tip: it provides a better bite into the material and can be processed more quickly without splitting the wood. Another advantage: it can be screwed into softwood without pre-drilling.

By the way – our E-JET® Wood Screws are also unbeatable in terms of versatility: thanks to the European Technical Assessment (ETA) with CE marking, they are suitable for all relevant areas of application in timber construction.

Our E-JET® X Wood Construction Screw.

With our E-JET® X Wood Construction Screw, we have consistently developed the tried-and-tested E-JET® Wood Construction Screw further. It possesses all the qualities required for structural wood construction and the fastening of on-roof insulation systems:

  • With its plate head, the E-JET® X Wood Construction Screw has particularly high head pull-through values and better pressure; with a countersunk head, it can be sunk flush and cleanly into the material.
  • Its friction shaft reduces the amount of force required when screwing in.
  • The coarse-pitch thread of the E-JET® X Wood Construction Screw simplifies screwing, and it can minimize wood splitting and bursting.
  • Its cutting edge with the serrated thread further reduces splitting effects even further and thus enables screw fastening in softwood without pre-drilling.
  • It is available with both countersunk and flat heads and can therefore be used with absolute flexibility.

And the best part about our screws for structural timber construction is: thanks to the European Technical Assessment (ETA) with CE marking, the E-JET® X can be used for even the most demanding constructions!

Key Features of our E-JET® Range at a Glance.

  • E-JET® Screws by Engel are available in yellow and blue zinc coatings.
  • Our customers can choose between partial or full threads, countersunk or flat heads and a an internal hexagon or pozi drive.
  • We also offer a convenient E-JET® case with all standard screw sizes, making it easier for our customers to handle.
  • And, of course, we also have the matching bits sets: We also supply the Jetta bit with the corresponding E-JET® packaging unit – because even an excellent product only becomes a top-notch product with a well-thought-out service.

Especially for our trade customers.

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