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Our Company History

From 1949 until today.

The origins of ENGEL Verbindungselemente GmbH go back almost 75 years. What has remained constant throughout the company’s successful history, which has been characterized by growth, is its roots in the location Weingarten. In the region near Lake Constance, ENGEL has earned a reputation as an attractive employer and a reliable company, a reputation it will continue to uphold with its ambitious goals.


Heinz Engel and Alois lay the foundation for our company in Weingarten. Even then, the aim was “the distribution of technical fasteners for screwing, nailing, riveting, gluing, welding and soldering, as well as tools”.


Change of name to Heinz Engel KG.


Relocation to the current company headquarters in the Welte industrial area in Weingarten. 


ENGEL celebrates its 50th anniversary. 


ENGEL expands and completes the next extension. 


Foundation of UVO-Trade GmbH for the direct container business. 


Introduction of a modern warehouse management system and a modular QA system. 


Completion of the second warehouse extension. 


Acquisition by Wilhelm Böllhoff GmbH & Co. KG. ENGEL retains its independence and strengths. In addition, we now have access to an even more comprehensive range, five additional state-of-the-art logistics and distribution centers, and much more.  

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