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„Made by ENGEL“

for maximum customer satisfaction

Even the smallest C-part has a significant influence on the overall quality of the component, article or machine in which it is installed. For this reason, our customers always have clearly defined requirements for the properties, characteristics and the high and consistent quality level of fasteners – apart from the condition and delivery requirements.

Highest quality – for secure connections

Whether bridges, cranes, roller shutters, mobile homes or medical devices:

From expansive structures to the smallest precision devices, high-quality fasteners ensure safety, stability, functionality and load-bearing capacity. We therefore place high demands on ourselves, our suppliers and our products.

Sampling and precise

To prevent complaints and ensure compliance with customer specifications, there are clear rules for the scope of the inspection:

  • All items are randomly checked in the incoming goods inspection.
  • Standard & norm parts are randomly checked at regular intervals. The intervals vary depending on the supplier.
  • Special and drawing parts are checked more closely. Here, the test reports are provided to the customer during initial sampling and when changing suppliers.

Our measuring and testing options

  • Contour and dimensional inspection
  • Coating thickness measurement and chemical analysis of protective coatings
  • Surface roughness test
  • Proof of UV-containing surface coatings
  • Concentricity test
  • Testing of breakage or breakaway torques

Further external options

  • Material testing
  • Determination of chemical compositions and mechanical properties
  • Friction coefficient tests
  • Corrosion tests

Quality documentation and services

  • Initial sample test reports according to e.g. VDA or PPAP
  • Test certificates e.g. according to EN 10204
  • IMDS material datasheets
  • Sorting
  • CAD Data
  • Technical support
  • Creation of drawings
  • CE marking

Management systems for quality and the environment

Our certificate for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

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