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Your proven partner for efficient C-parts procurement.

With the E-Classic Kanban system from ENGEL, you can rely on a proven, simple and cost-efficient solution for optimizing your C-parts procurement. For over 25 years, our classic two/multi-bin system has proven to be a reliable component of lean management in companies in a wide range of industries.

Proven and cost-effective: our classic two/multi-bin Kanban system

How E-Classic works:

  • Easy handling: You provide empty containers for collection.
  • Automated order triggering: ENGEL collects the empty containers at regular intervals, which simultaneously triggers the ordering of new parts.
  • Direct delivery: ENGEL delivers the newly filled containers directly to your shelf or to the desired location.
  • The principle of the E-Classic system: The E-Classic Kanban shelf contains at least two bins for each item. As soon as the front bin is empty, your employees take it to the “station” for collection by ENGEL. The full container behind it moves up to ensure continuous availability of the required parts. This self-controlling cycle ensures constant parts availability without additional administrative effort.

Your benefits with E-Classic:

  • Maximum security of supply: constant availability of the required C-parts.
  • Full service without customer processes: We take care of the entire process, from collecting empty bins to delivering the filled bins.
  • Technology independence: E-Classic works without complex technical systems and is therefore particularly reliable and user-friendly.

Rely on E-Classic from ENGEL – for simplified, secure and cost-efficient C-parts procurement that integrates seamlessly into your company.

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