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The ENGEL Promise:

Always Properly Connected.

„Must fit and must hold.“

What may sound like a simple requirement for C-parts or fasteners takes on great significance whenever one of these parameters is not met, as they decisively shape the quality of a machine or product. To find the right connection, we are here for you.

ENGEL customers appreciate

  • our customer and service orientation
  • our speed of action
  • our broad and deep product range with almost 30,000 items
  • our valuable, global network
  • our extensive expertise in trade and industry
  • and the flexibility to react to requirements and market conditions in a clever way. The past few years have shown that adaptability is an important key to success.

In almost 75 years, our company has undergone an impressive development to become an expert in the field of fasteners. Not only has our company grown, but so have our ambitions. In the coming years, we aim to become one of the leading companies in the field of fastening solutions in DACH-Region.

Our philosophy – ENGEL connects.

For us, “ENGEL connects” includes not only C-parts and connection components, but also ideas and people. Without the ideas of our employees, who implement suitable solutions together with our customers, no joint success is possible. That’s why we are the partner at eye level for your connections.

The ENGEL Performance Promise: Value creation through added benefit

Our actions aim to provide added value to our customers:

  • Achieving the best conditions through our excellent supplier network
  • Procurement of customer-specific special parts through the broad know-how of our department for special and drawing parts
  • We maintain a certified management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 to ensure that we can meet our customers’ requirements
  • Enabling the fastest possible delivery thanks to a total of five central European logistics warehouses
  • Automation and digitalization of ordering and delivery processes through various Kanban systems
  • Procurement of large quantities through direct bulk transactions of individual pallets or entire containers

Our cooperation network:

  • 2010 Establishment of UVO-Trade GmbH for the direct container business.
  • 2024 Connection to Böllhoff, including assortment and logistics locations in Central Europe.

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