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E-Kanban by ENGEL:

Automatically More Efficient!

Do you want to reduce the workload on your employees in logistics, avoid interim storage as far as possible and reliably prevent bottlenecks? With our future-oriented E-Kanban systems such as E-LINK, E-MAT, E-BOX, E-MOBILE or E-SCAN, you can achieve these goals quickly, easily and securely in the future. Simply contact us – together we will find the right solution for your company.


Our e-kanban solution E-LINK significantly simplifies the reordering of C-parts in your company: Here, the kanban containers are equipped with RFID labels and can be quickly read using a transmission unit attached directly to the shelf.

Our system

  • You hold the RFID label inserted in the empty Kanban container in front of the transmission unit, where the data record is read.
  • The data is transmitted to us, which automatically triggers the filling of a new Kanban container.
  • We deliver the refilled Kanban container to you before the regular collection of the empty boxes – of course it also has a new RFID label.
  • The data is transmitted autonomously and securely via the mobile phone network (GSM) or Wifi.

Your benefits

  • Flexible delivery intervals due to timely order triggering
  • No additional space required
  • maximum Optimization of stocks and space utilization
  • Contactless, direct, and digital data transmission


With even less effort for your employees, reordering works via our E-MAT system. The RFID labels are read directly on the shelf level via an electronic mat – e-kanban couldn’t be simpler.

Our system

  • You simply place the empty bins on the electronic mat on the shelf level.
  • The RFID labels on the bin are automatically read and sent to the transmission unit.
  • This transmits your order directly to the ENGEL ERP system.
  • We deliver the C-Parts ordered in this way in new boxes with new RFID labels.
  • The data is transmitted autonomously and securely via the mobile phone network (GSM) or Wifi.

Your benefits

  • Fastest and simplest order initiation
  • Empty containers integrated into the shelf
  • No manipulation of the technology possible


Our Kanban solution E-BOX works like an electronic mailbox: data is read and transferred centrally in one unit. You can set this up in the best strategic location in your company to make logistics processes as efficient as possible.

Our system

  • You remove the RFID label from the front of the empty container and insert it into the E-BOX. A card feeder with stop function ensures error-free reading of the stored data.
  • The order is triggered automatically and immediately.
  • We deliver a new filled container, which is of course provided with a new RFID tag.
  • The flexible location of the E-BOX makes it possible to integrate our Kanban system into your existing production control system.
  • The data is transmitted autonomously and securely via the mobile phone network (GSM) or Wifi.

Your benefits

  • Reading and transmission in one unit
  • Easily integratable into your own production control
  • Cost-effective RFID system


Our E-MOBILE solution for two- and multi-bin Kanban systems provides unlimited flexibility and can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. This means you can get started immediately after installation – without any further effort for your employees.

Our system

  • With E-MOBILE, you can record the empty containers independently of time and location using a handheld scanner.
  • The responsible employees from your company trigger the order in a controlled manner.
  • We then deliver a new, filled container – either directly to the shelf or to another agreed location.
  • The data is transmitted autonomously and securely via the mobile phone network (GSM) or Wifi.

Your benefits

  • Defined ordering responsibility
  • Visualized ordering processes
  • Can be used without RFID technology
  • No modification of the existing system necessary


With our E-SCAN system, you have the option of sending orders to us easily and directly. You scan the required items in the warehouse, reorder them in the web portal and then receive the corresponding goods.

Our system

  • You send us a list of the items you need, including all the necessary information on quantity and consumption.
  • We supply you with the complete E-SCAN system with shelves for up to 60 items, containers, barcode labels, scanners and software.
  • After installing the software, you can scan the desired items in your warehouse directly using barcode labels.
  • You can open the order in our web portal, make changes if necessary and order additional goods.

Your benefits

  • Fast and precise order processing
  • Clean and well-organized storage in high-quality containers
  • Relief for your employees

We are happy to advise you

Still not sure which e-Kanban system is ideal for you? Talk to our experts.

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